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Free Burning Software For Windows
Feb 08, 2011    Category: Software
Just came across some nice free burning software called BurnAware Free for windows. It seems that every time I try to find burning software for windows it's either a trial version, bloated with ads or just doesn’t work very well. I've used it a couple of times now and it works great. So I figured I'd do a post on it. B... more >
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TeamViewer – Free Remote Desktop Software
Oct 26, 2010    Category: Software
I ran into a great piece of software a little while back called TeamViewer. If you need some free and easy to use remote access software I highly recommend giving TeamViewer a try. Another great thing about TeamViewer is there’s a Windows, Mac and Linux version allowing easy cross platform remoting. I’ll put a link be... more >
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Ubuntu Tweak Version 0.5.6 Released
Aug 29, 2010    Category: Software
I’ve been playing around with Ubuntu Tweak for a while now and it really does get better with every release. This useful little application allows you to easly tweak many settings on your Ubuntu system like your Gnome desktop settings, Compiz settings, boot settings and much more. A key feature in this new release is ... more >
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Utorrent For Linux Comming Soon
Aug 17, 2010    Category: Software
Many linux users will be happy to know that Utorrent will hit the linux desktop in the very near future. The following was stated on the Utorrent idea bank. “We're making good progress on the Linux client. Sit tight and we'll have a client out soon enough.” I myself believe that most linux users are happy wit... more >
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VLC Media Player Version 1.1.2
Aug 17, 2010    Category: Software
Shortly after the 1.1.1 release a lot of updates were made bringing us a speedy 1.1.2 release. Updates include Extensions and scripts updates, Miscellaneous fixes in interfaces, Updated translations, Various crashes and errors fixed, TS and DVB demuxing fixes, Audio filters fixes to solve the “mono” bug, and a Fix for ... more >
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